Tesla Cybertruck- New Era of Revolution

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Well, you love it or hate it but Tesla Cyber truck is a revolutionary vehicle. This vehicle can take your breath away with its puzzled looks.  This Cyber truck from tesla is angular in shape and is made with stainless steel. This Cyber truck is an electric pickup truck that can get polarized very quickly. Though the launch of this truck didn’t go very well and truck’s window got shattered when the lead designer smashed it with a metal ball. It has given curse under breath to its owner “Elon Musk”.

Though people have loved its futuristic design, some have not accepted it with love. Even Lego made fun of it by putting a post on Twitter. Still, its pre-orders approached 250,000 within a week which was truly unbelievable even without any advertisement. In recent days, electric vehicles have reached a new level of public acceptance and around 5 million EV’s are sold across the globe worldwide.

Canadian people have been somewhat slower in adopting this technology as compared to the rest of the world.  Approximately 46000 units are sold in a year.  Tesla has integrated several technologies in Cybertruck. The same alloy stainless steel is used in this truck as it is used in Musk’s other company SpaceX. This Cybertruck is designed with Lithium-Ion batteries, Optional Solar Roof and self-driving software. These features have boosted the range of this truck and have added weightage.

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Tesla has described the efficiency of most gasoline engines between 17% to 21%. For electric vehicles, the total conversion of electrical energy in power is approx. 59 to 62 percent.  With this much of power conversion, this electric vehicle gets a clear advantage in performance. The best part of EV’s is maintenance cost as it is less than gasoline-driven vehicles.

Tesla Car Truck is designed with brutal unconventional looks as compared to regular electric cars. Tesla Car Truck carries heavy looks because of its weight and size. However, if we compare this truck with any unconventional non-electric truck, its motor and aerodynamics beat the all.

Source: Shutterstock.com/Artist_Studio

Electric Vehicles becoming popular

Electronic vehicles are becoming a core part of future transportation and they actually offer a noticeable reduction in carbon emission. These vehicles are used in many places like; Oil-friendly Alberta where the even grid is powered by fossil fuels.  These vehicles offer environmental and economic advantages. EV’s are now acting as pollution reduction tools.

Advantage of Tesla Cyber truck

Tesla has got two major advantages which make the Cybertruck a winner. The first advantage is an extensive charging network that allows users to quickly refuel their vehicles.  Tesla owns around 14000 supercharge stations globally. The next good thing Tesla has done is, they have invested heavily in manufacturing advanced batteries.

Gigafactory is expanding and using more renewable energies which also include solar power. Because of these ecological batteries, Tesla is capable of scaling-up the production as compared to any other competitors.

We can’t deny that electrification of transportation has many environmental advantages and EV’s are clean, quiet and fast. Driving in EV’s is very pleasurable and inexpensive. Tesla Cybertruck is a winner and it is truly a game-changer.

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